By 2020, 1 in 5 Americans will be Hispanic, a significant segment of the total population in USA

esvyda understands the Hispanic/Latino population needs and is commited to improve their health, boosting lifelong healthy behaviors through technology tools for helping and educating all health members involved and supporting their health care providers using telehealth and telemonitoring tools integrated in their workflows. Read more  HERE

Telehealth, Alternative Payment Models (APM) and ACOs

Several studies and pilot programs performed by health systems and payers have shown improvement in the delivery of care to patients, thus this service is now deployed and integrated into healthcare services, lowering cost and making efficient medical processes, breaking barries of timely set up

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New Telehealth CPT Codes for 2018

New telehealth CPT codes will be reimbursed through the Physician Fee Schedule PFS to Healthcare providers in 2018. On its 1,653-page final rule 2018, it establishes that PFS will increase 0.41% for 2018 compared to 2017 year. Telehealth is helping to solve several problems in

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Separated Payment for Remote Patient Monitoring

For the first time, the CMS is recognizing a separated payment for remote patient monitoring in its Physician Fee Schedule 2018 payment. Physician Fee Schedule PFS rule tipically applies to all providers paid on a Fee for Service (FFS) basis. In its 1,653-page final rule

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Telehealth as Part of MACRA Reports

Some high weighted Improvement Activities may be performed using telehealth tools. Remember that Improvement Activities Category counts 15% of total MACRA final score and that you will need 2 high weighted or 1 high weighted and 2 medium weighted or 4 medium weighted activities to

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